Santo Spada was born in Catania in 1986. His career in fashion began early. The first clients were childhood friends who brought their dolls to have dresses made for their make-believe weddings. Still at school, Santo started a four-year apprenticeship at Saint Crispino Couture. In 2006, Winner of the Modalive Mediterraneo competition, he received the first prize from the President of the Republic of Italy. In 2008-9, he graduated from Milan European Institute of Design in Fashion and Textiles. Winner of the Next Generation competition 2011 held by Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, Santo launched the first Structured Fragility collection at Milano Moda Donna 2012. In February 2013, as guest of CNMI during the Milan Fashion Week, Structured Fragility2 was presented at Palazzo Giureconsulti. This new collection brought Santo to Warsaw Fashion Weekend celebrating young Italian designers as the special guest for the opening night. Santo is currently working on Structured Fragility3.

Structured Fragility Prêt-à-Couture (to view Santo’s work please click the underlined texts above)

Santo Spada is conceived as a modern brand and product maintaining a timeless and elegant allure. As a leitmotif, inspired by the ancient art of Murano glass and a 1930 aesthetic, the Structured Fragility collections offer an understated level of elegance playing with chiaroscuro, sheer layering, legerity and structure. Evening wear, wedding dresses and coats are made to measure through artisanal production, definitive cut and precious materials. Previous seasons of Structured Fragility can be re-edited and prototypes personalised. Santo’s work is described as complexity dissolved in simplicity. Each piece concealing its complexity through skilful cutting and seamless details. A remarkably simple, compelling garment is revealed. Italian tailoring skill, combined with the enduring sophistication of Paris and experience of the innovation of the London fashion scene, infuse Santo’s work with a dynamic, sensual elegance.